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Game features

  • 40 new minerals and treasures (gold, diamonds, rubins,…) that can be used for sale and for improving your Diggers,
  • 15 new levels, in which you can customize your diggers,
  • 7 types of Diggers where every is different!
  • a huge underground world where the more you dig, the more traps you encounter
  • 14 items that will be useful for you journey
  • new clear and beautiful interface
  • improved navigation and map: even easier way to find you base, to teleport and many more


Digger 2 is the new version of the famous arcade game, in which you dig for precious minerals, diamonds and gold.

You can build a base and improve your machines. In this version you will be able to choose even more machines, dig more minerals and discover new worlds. New traps, monsters and more digging awaits!

If you liked the first version of Digger or games like Motherload just don’t wait, this is the perfect game for you!


User Reviews

Podle mě je to velmi dobrá a návikova hra 😃

Queria tanto isso,o 2 😊😀
King Games

Класс класс очень круто
Андрей Резниченко

This is the best game I have ever played. “Yet”😜 great work developers 👍
Noah Tangonan

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