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Game features

  • Long gameplay with various layers of ground to search over.
  • Relaxing but demanding gameplay.
  • Get upgrades for your digging machine and go deeper!
  • Use bombs and dynamite to clear your way.
  • Colorful and stunning graphics will draw you in!
  • Google Game Center
  • Navigation for building bases
  • 5 types of missions
  • Achievements and Mineral Book


Dig into the deepest parts of the ground and collect rare minerals and crystals! Get better resources for deeper research by upgrading your digging machine. Remember to be careful and to refuel your machine if you want to reach the greatest depth. The deeper you get the better rewards and scores you will get!

Digger Machine is a simple game where you should just dig, deeper and deeper… If you like Motherload, this game is for you! It is very easy to play and it’s for everyone.


User Reviews

I love it Thanks for this good games
larbi ghalem

One of the best digger games I’ve played
Jamie Smith

Beat it finally , when do we get #2
Jason Mcguire

Well done! Very fun mining game. Nice upgrade system and the base building is nice
Joe Simpson

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