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Digger 2 – new update is online!

After some time off amidst COVID-19, we finally released a small bug fix update for Digger 2!

This won’t be possible without the constant feedback and encouragement from our players, so thanks a lot for reporting those specific issues you had! The game is so much better now 😉

Digger 2 – new update is online!Digger 2 – new update is online!Digger 2 – new update is online!Digger 2 – new update is online!Digger 2 – new update is online!

Here is the complete list of features and bug fixes in the latest Digger 2 update:

  • Digger is now immortal on surface and doesn’t lose fuel, so it’s considered a safe area for the player
  • We added the Mine Screen where you need to move finger to red dot in order to disarm mine
  • Faster game loading (we don’t wait for remote settings anymore)!
  • New and improved Win Screen – we added some animations and effects
  • Added new Statistics Screen where you can check your progress with all minerals, how many dynamite you used, etc.
  • Top Clickable Window to inform the player about finishing a daily task, mission or achievement unlock (click to claim reward!)
  • Fixed bug with Mammoth Bones – right now its discovery is saved (as it should’ve been from the very beginning!)
  • Fixed grave bug where after watching an add, the player didn’t receive minerals and other stuff back
  • Fixed bug with Level 52 appearing an infinite number of times – right now Level 50 is the max level.

Right now we are very close to adding a new Jungle World to Digger 2, so stay tuned! 😉

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