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Digger Machine – adding Boss and not only…

digger machine load/save panel
Hi Guys,
I’s been a while since the last post – but don’t worry, we still do our best, in order to bring new things to Digger Machine.
We had a few issues with loading and saving, but right now they’re solved, so finally there will be a possibility to have multiple game saves! Thanks to this you will be able to play from the start without loosing your previous game save.
To sum up, here is the list of functionalities, waiting to be released soon:

  • multiple load & save game states
  • possibility to earn free diamonds
  • User Panel with game statistics
  • Boss to kill (waiting for you at the very bottom)
  • Diggy’s appearance changes upon upgrades
  • game localization for a few more popular languages!

As always, leave a comment with the suggestions, if you have one. We would love to hear your opinions regarding these major updates! 😉

google play rapid games  google play rapid games
digger machine user panel

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