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History of changes in Digger Machine

Hey digging Fans ! 

As you can see, lots have happened in the digger world this year. 

We have renewed almost every aspect of the game to keep up with the demand and suggestions we continuously receive from you.

We have changed our basic design which makes the gameplay much more enjoyable. Right now you are likely to miss your next stop when playing on a bus (you have been warned!).

Below you can see what kind of changes have been introduced: 


digger machine ui undergroundnewest gameplay of digger machine

Now Digger not only looks better but also feels better. We have added lots of new minerals for you to collect. Each one will bring you one step closer to reaching and defeating an ultimate boss who dwells in deep (and we mean really deep :) nooks and crannies of the world.

Upgrade shop

digger machine new upgrade items uiupgrade shop digger machine

With new upgrades your digging machine will combine a futuristic design with powerful add-ons which will help you drill through the hardest stuff.

Item Shopdigger machine buy items rapid games studioitems shoop of digger machine

Additional (and much better looking items) is something that every adventurer needs and craves. We put lots of work to satisfy your appetite 🙂

In our newest version of the game you will also find new diggers – each one with his unique custommade appearance and abilities.

Don’t be shy and write us your suggestions so we can make Digger even greater for all of you.

Thanks for reading


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