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New Digger Machine update – a lot of changes…

It is a great pleasure to announce that a huge update for Digger Machine is now available on Google Play store!
What makes this update exclusive is the massive amount of added features. Among them are:

  • Missions to accomplish. It’s also you who choose what is the reward, either gold, diamonds or action elements (e.g. bombs, fuel tanks).
  • Fifteen new shiny minerals to find!
  • The ability to buy diamonds whenever you need them
  • Achievements for your accomplishments (e.g. for finding special type of minerals, moneybags, treasures)
  • Beautiful animations for flying and digging
  • Falling down stones (you have to be careful now, as there are big stones which can fall over and crash Diggy)

Besides all of the above, a few bugs from the previous version were fixed.
Grab the game and share your feedback! 😉

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