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Digital Dragons 2016 came to an end

Digital Dragons 2016 came to an end

Hi guys,

Hope you have enjoyed the latest edition of Digital Dragons in Cracow! We sure had☺ 

This time we had presented two of our games: Digger Machine and Pirate Ship.  Both games were met with lots of appreciation from participants, especially Digger Machine ☺ 

Thanks to your feedback, we have already started making gameplay improvements, and so in the future update you can expect the following:

  • much smoother and easier to follow navigation (in the Shop and Equipments)
  • steer your Digger by tapping the area around him (while drilling through the crust)

We would also like to thank everybody who came and played our games, who talked to us and wished us a great success. Digital Dragons 2016 event was absolutely terrific and we sure will come next year, so reserve your time, take the tickets, and meet us there! 

Have a gaming experience, and remember – always aim for the highest levels (that’s where epic loot is)!


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