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digger 2 and pirate ship updates

Updates on Digger 2 and Pirate Ship

It’s been quiet lately but it doesn’t mean we were resting, on the contrary! We’ve been very busy with adding new features and improving Digger Machine 2.
If you’ve been wondering what’s done so far, here are just few things:

  • UI is still in progress, but we already have Backpack, Shop and Diggy Upgrade views.
  • Minerals and other items have tool-tips with some info about them.
  • Animated lava, gas, and mine tiles. Also, improvements of algorithms responsible for drawing all tiles.
  • New types of stones added with more coming soon!

We plan to release a first playable version of Digger Machine 2 in the 2nd half of 2017. Game’s theme is a Blue Ice World.
Additionally, in the nearest time you can expect an update to Pirate Ship with a few new vessels and bug fixes (route calculations, gliding and UI improvements).
Stay tuned for more info!

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