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digger machine clear all blocks

Digger Machine – clearing all blocks!


Today we want to share something really cool with you!

Wonder how Digger Machine looks like after whole map’s exploration and all upgrades? Well, one of our players has shown us, and it’s pretty impressive!

Below you can see screenshots with his final battle with the Boss, as well as Player’s Panel with all (damn good!) statistics.

For us, this is a very good news. We are genuinely happy when somebody gives us a good feedback on our games, but what’s even better – is when somebody plays your game for a long time and finds it really enjoyable. Such behaviour powers us to do more and do it better and better.

Thank you, – all of our players! Without you, our work wouldn’t matter.

P. S. Don’t worry, we’re still working on Digger Machine 2. It takes time though, so be patient 🙂


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