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digger machine 2 first screens

First screens of Digger Machine 2

Hi guys and girls,

We have a wonderful news for you! Currently we’re working on Digger Machine 2 and everything goes according to our plan.

Digger Machine 2 will be set in a cold ice world, where instead of digging though the ground, you dig though the ice. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t expect dangers there! On the contrary, not only you can die from gas explosions and lava, there are tons of water as well, hidden in ice, which can freeze poor Diggy. Ouch!

On the bright side, you can now collect new shiny minerals. There are 20 in total! Just look how beautiful they are 😉

The UI was completely re-designed in order to match the game. Now it’s a solid stone style, cold as the ice cubes. Of course, most import things, like life and fuel level, backpack, gold and diamonds, action items and navigation, are there.

Other game settings, Diggy’s statistics and upgrades, can be found deeper in menus. This time we did our best to make it as intuitive as possible, hope you will like it!

We’ll show new screenshots with Diggy  and game settings in the next post, so stay tuned! Also, let us know what you like or dislike so far 😉



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