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Our Latest Game Is Ready For Download

After many weeks of hard work connected with coding, designing and analyzing feedback from testers, we are proud to announce that our latest game – Pirate Ships: Endless Sailing is ready. iOS and Android using gamers can now download it and face many dangers on perilous seas.

We have done our best to make Endless Sailing as much fun as possible. Now you can become the captain of your very own pirate ship, and take your vessel of infamy for a spin across furious seas. Lots of bountiful loot and awesome upgrades await you behind the horizon 🙂

But that is not all! We don’t plan to stop just there. Right now we are working on another update which will bring you additional ships. Not one, not two but ten more vessels, each one with different equipment and traits that will boost your chances of survival against fury of the sea.  Every captain needs a vessel that would be compatible with their infamous personage after all.

Soon we will reveal upcoming game features, concept arts, and screens of new ships so you will be able to see how much the game will change with next update.

We are sure that Endless Sailing will bring you many hours of fun and help you fight effectively against boredom 🙂 So go ahead and try it. It is time you seized your chance and marked your name in Pirate Annals/Legends.

Have fun!

P.S: If you encounter any problems or bugs during the gameplay, do not hesitate to contact us.

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