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Pirate Ship: Endless Sailing – ready for beta testing

papuga pirate ship

Hi guys,

As we announced earlier, our latest game “Pirate Ship: Endless Sailing” is almost ready for a big launch,  yay! We have put a lot of work to make it as much enjoyable as possible.

A few things still should be fixed (like translations) before the launch.

What you can expect at this point is:

  • sailing in three different worlds: Deep Blue Sea, Ice Sea and Tropics
  • rafts, boats, and various ships with unique skills to choose
  • joyful experience while sailing distinct waters, through music, graphics and other dynamic changes

To help us make Pirate Ship even better, don’t hesitate to point out the issues and problems you may encounter in this beta test version.We will analyze each one of those and improve the game based on your feedback!

We are counting on you – our players! 😉

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