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First Look At Our New Upcoming Pirates Game

We have cooked up something new that will help you relax and make time fly a bit faster than usual when you are simply bored out of your mind.

Below you can see the first screens from the upcoming production.

new pirate games

It is still a work in progress but we are getting there at an amazing pace.

So what can you expect in upcoming weeks?

A new, amazing, dynamic game about pirates seeking treasures, adventures and targets to blow up. You would have an option to choose your own ship and equip it with powerful weapons and armour. All of this would take place in 3 amazing worlds filled with opportunities to plunder.

We are doing our best to make this new game available for you in the next year so you can freely sail virtual seas.

We hope this game is a worthy successor to the famous infinity runner. So give us your suggestions and ideas. Who knows, maybe we will include some of them on release. Help us make this thing great for you.

Stay tuned, more updates are coming; the next one this Christmas Holidays

Thanks for reading

new pirate game ui  new pirate game ui 2

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