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Grand update for Digger Machine

Hey digger fans

For some time now we have been thinking how to incorporate all the ideas we have received from you. Now we can proudly say that today a BIG update will be upon us (only for Android, for iOS will be available after few weeks).

We enhanced the overall graphic design, as you can see on the screens. Right now digging through the earth crust looks and feels exactly how it is supposed to 🙂

digger machine new ui looks for shops

digger machine new fuel and repair shopThe graphic has been improved in every category of the game – look at the “upgrade items” menu.

Right now you know exactly what you are doing and can better choose from different upgrade strategies. You will also look cool while doing it 🙂

digger machine new playersAnother major change is a long awaited opportunity to choose from different kinds of diggers.

Each one of these custom-made machines has special and unique abilities which will help you succeed on different levels throughout the game.

Every digger looks different so now you can have more dynamic gameplay (while looking even more cool).

If English isn’t your native language then do not despair… we have something for you.

digger machine new languagesOur team has put quite a while (and lots of coffee)  to translate everything into a number of different languages. We are hoping that your experiences from playing will skyrocket from now on.

Diggers around the world unite 🙂

And lastly two of the biggest changes 🙂

Now you can learn about how everything in the Digger world started. You can discover who or rather what was responsible for driving proud diggers back into deep corners of the earth, find it…and drill right through its skull. Sometimes revenge requires lots of gas and topnotch drilling equipment 🙂

Help us make Digger even better. Write your suggestions after big release and we will see what we can do for you.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates.

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