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Pirates are alive and they are coming to Your mobile phone

Hi guys,
If you suddenly crave some sea breeze and shiny objects, then we have got something for you! 😉
We are currently working on a pirate based game called Pirate Ship: Endless Sailing (first news!).
As we wrote in the previous post, this will be a game where you are a captain of your own ship (of course, you will have to upgrade to get a real ship ;).
You will start as a humble rookie with your own raft, but as you gain treasures from bountiful seas, you will be able to buy more magnificent vessels.
What we already have done:

  • Five different kinds of ships, each one more expensive and more powerful than the previous one.
  • Right now – just one world, but we are planning to add two more quite soon, each one with their own dangers and traps.
  • Enjoyable and diverse gameplay, to make your sailing as smooth as possible 🙂

As you can conclude, Pirate Game: Endless Sailing is prepared to be an awesome “time filler” that will give you many, many hours of fun!
After we finish all our tests, you will have a pleasure to feel sea breeze from your own captain’s deck!

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